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Eilidh Brown

Eilidh Brown

Referee Director

The role of the Referee Director is to coordinate referees in Glasgow

The Referee Director will ensure all officials have access to education, training and mentoring to develop confidence and capability.


  • In conjunction with the Treasurer and committee, set priorities for a referee budget to maximise the organisation and/or delivery of referee training in Glasgow
  • Implement strategies to promote and develop refereeing in Glasgow to help increase self-sustainability go the Glasgow Touch Association
  • Provide a calendar of events, programmes or workshops to members
  • Organise effective allocation of referees for GTA league matches, with consideration for the individual referee’s stage of development
  • Recognise officials through uniforms, awards, payment and/or scholarships to assist referee development
  • Communicate effectively with other Regional Directors and National Director of Referees
  • Liaise with experienced Referee Coaches to develop coaching of referees in Glasgow
  • Liaise with clubs to organise support/development for training and league requirements
  • Investigate opportunities for developing referees at STA training weekend/STS competitions
  • Chair/sit on a Sub-committee at the request of the Committee

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