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Jen Brown


  • Represents the views of GTA members both on regional and national platforms
  • Have a sound understanding of the GTAs constitution, policies and procedures
  • Act as principle officer within the GTA, and make decisions whenever the need arises in consultation with other officers when appropriate
  • Ensure all planning and budgeting for the session is carried out by the committee members in accordance with the wishes of the membership body
  • Communicate correspondence from the other regional or national associations with members
  • Chair the Annual General Meeting and present the GTA’s annual report
  • Oversee the work of committee members, sub committees and other GTA personnel
  • To be involved, where appropriate, in the co-ordination of GTA activities¬†

Jen Brown


The president, elected by the Glasgow Touch Association members, is the figure head, ambassador and principle officer for the GTA. The president will provide direction through effective leadership and management.

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