Upcoming MatchBears vs Lions Claw/25th July 2024/Stepps Pitch 1

News Update

Coaching News

Lions’ coaches Cam and Brian have attended an England Touch Association coaches’ course, funded by the GTA, with a view to, alongside Centurions’ coach Adam, to run a ‘Coaches Day’ in Glasgow. We are also exploring opportunities with Scottish Touch coach Eddie to run a Coaching Course in the west to help develop our club coaches. There are a number of hardship grants and funding opportunities for clubs available at the moment, which have been passed to club coaches.

Youth & Juniors

A big push of the 2019/20 committee was to develop youth touch in Glasgow. Covid issues aside, we have had some really good discussions over the last year and hoping to roll out plans in the latter half of 2020 and into 2021.

We have a youth sub-committee who are looking into ways to reach school age children and to help clubs get set up with the appropriate safe- guarding in place to be able to recruit and retain youth age children.

We are in the process of setting up Glasgow Hubs, aimed at senior school age children, to mirror the Edinburgh Hubs which have the option to feed into the STA Junior Academy. Coaches Calum Anderson, Jenn Wright and Adam Brown are ready to get going as soon as we can.


In addition to our new Glasgow kit which our squads debuted at the Nationals Competition in September, we have been working with our kit provider Akuma to have a Glasgow Touch club shop, allowing full Glasgow kit to be purchased by all. We have additionally ordered and received new Glasgow Touch branded Steeden balls which are ready to be pumped up for day 1 of post-lock down action.